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At DeviceFlip, you can sell your iPhone, iPad, or iPod and any electronics you might have for cash.

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-Bob Alans, OR

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Cash For iPhone DeviceFlip Hand What is Skip the Craigslist flakes, the eBay waits, and sell a smarter way! buys your Devices and gadgets and makes your selling experience easier than ever imagined! We send you a box, we pay for the shipping, then we pay your via check or instant PayPal!

Recently Sold Devices
Product Thumbnail Michael D.
sold Apple iPhone 4S [4S] 16GB
for $329.12
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Product Thumbnail Ethan A.
sold Apple iPad 2 32GB (Wi-Fi)
for $309.71
Sell This Device
Product Thumbnail Brittney P.
sold Blackberry Bold 9700 (AT&T;)
for $249.71
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Product Thumbnail Mike O.
sold Apple iPhone 3Gs 8GB (AT&T;)
for $72.20
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Cash For iPhones
What happens when I send you my gadget?
When we receive it, we inspect it for the stated
condition and promptly send you a check, or
instantly PayPal you the agreed amount.

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